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July 1, 2009

SUMMER-time in Exherbo

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It’s been a while since Ciaran McCreesh started working on SUMMER, but now it finally found a proper place on Exherbo infrastructure:

SUMMER, also known as Statically Updated Metadata Manifestation for Exherbo Repositories is an online browser for Exherbo packages.
It’s written in Ruby, using Paludis’ Ruby bindings and ERB, a Ruby templating engine.

Currently, packages’ metadata from all official repositories, plus all repositories included in the set of unofficial repositories known as ::unavailable-unofficial is available. Especially the integration of unofficial repositories,as an important part of Exherbo, makes SUMMER different from its counterparts in other distributions.

The code is available on our gitweb. Suggestions, especially accompanied by git-format-patches, are highly welcomed! There’s a short wishlist in the README, which is hopefully going to start shrinking soon.


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