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January 31, 2011

We are going to FOSDEM!

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Like previous years, a few of the Exherbo developers will be coming to FOSDEM!

If you’ve been dying to meet Alexander Færøy, Bo Ørsted Andresen, Bryan Østergaard (or if you really want to know what an emu using a linux computer looks like), Jochen Maes or myself, find us at the beer event, or anywhere at the conference! Feel free to hop by in #exherbo to find our whereabouts.

See you there!


October 29, 2009

iPhone / iPod Touch on Exherbo

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So, a few days ago, the linux-iphone-dev team announced that syncing an iPhone or iPod Touch is possible under Linux.

I just finished packaging the usbmuxd, libiphone, ifuse stack, and now my iPhone finally mounts over usb. No more messing with sshfs, just to sync a few songs with gtkpod (Amarok, where’s my libgpod support?). Pictures are accessible in Dolphin. And this all works without having to jailbreak it. 🙂

Packages are now available in ::hardware, tested on my iPhone and on Anders‘ second gen iPod Touch.

October 20, 2009

Nailing moving targets — KDE trunk on Exherbo

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So, I’ve finally committed KDE scm exhereses to Exherbo. For a while, I’ve had these ready in a local repository, I just never got around to cleaning them up a bit and committing them. Last week I bought an Asus EEE PC. After I installed Exherbo on it using paludis binaries, I wanted to try KDE’s shiny new plasma-netbook shell, which is cooking in trunk. What more reason do you need to finish KDE scm exhereses. 😉

So sync ::kde, unmask them & enjoy.

Problems? Join #exherbo-kde & let us know! If you hadn’t already, now’s as good a time as any to follow up on our call for more KDE minions. 🙂

Ingmar, the Eeexherbo dev who will spend the rest of the week adding the letter E eeeverywhere to annoy non-EEEPC owners. 😛

July 1, 2009

SUMMER-time in Exherbo

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It’s been a while since Ciaran McCreesh started working on SUMMER, but now it finally found a proper place on Exherbo infrastructure:

SUMMER, also known as Statically Updated Metadata Manifestation for Exherbo Repositories is an online browser for Exherbo packages.
It’s written in Ruby, using Paludis’ Ruby bindings and ERB, a Ruby templating engine.

Currently, packages’ metadata from all official repositories, plus all repositories included in the set of unofficial repositories known as ::unavailable-unofficial is available. Especially the integration of unofficial repositories,as an important part of Exherbo, makes SUMMER different from its counterparts in other distributions.

The code is available on our gitweb. Suggestions, especially accompanied by git-format-patches, are highly welcomed! There’s a short wishlist in the README, which is hopefully going to start shrinking soon.

March 7, 2009

Using nouveau on Exherbo

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I’ve been using nouveau 2D on my laptop for ages, and given how we don’t package the blob, maybe it’s time I write down how to install the nouveau driver.

Note that while nouveau works wonderfully on all but one of the cards I’ve tried it on, it’s still considered experimental.
Also keep in mind that the Gallium 3D work is completely unsupported, so do not bug the nouveau devs about it.

You can install everything except the nouveau kernel module using paludis, from exhereses, since we don’t have any kernel handling in Exherbo yet. There was some discussion of requirements a while ago, but nothing has materialized so far.

First install x11-dri/libdrm with video_drivers: nouveau enabled.

Second, install the kernel module:

# Ensure that CONFIG_DRM is disabled in your kernel
# Grab the libdrm sources:
git clone git://
cd drm/linux-core
# Adjust LINUXDIR to the path to the kernel that you’re installing the nouveau module for
make LINUXDIR=/usr/src/linux nouveau.o
# Or use importare, for bonus points…
sudo make LINUXDIR=/usr/src/linux install

Third, install the 2D driver, x11-drivers/xf86-video-nouveau.

Fourth, load the drm & nouveau modules automatically, and ensure that the binary nvidia module isn’t loaded.

Enable the driver in xorg.conf.

If you want to try 3D, build x11-dri/mesa with video_drivers: nouveau enabled.

If you did everything right, glxinfo will show the following (and much more…):

OpenGL vendor string: Tungsten Graphics, Inc. and nouveau
OpenGL renderer string: Gallium 0.2 on NV4B
OpenGL version string: 1.5 Mesa 7.5-devel

Or, you can just enable the XRender backend in KWin, and wait for the Gallium 3D API to stabilize…

August 27, 2008

KDE on Exherbo

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In between all the things a developer can possibly do in Exherbo, we’ve finally found the time to package KDE for Exherbo! A bit on the late side, but better late than never. Meanwhile, while you are testing KDE 4.1.0 on Exherbo, we’ll be working on KDE 4.1.1, our first real KDE bump. 🙂

For those of you who are curious, you can find the git repository at here. To clone it install dev-scm/git and run

git clone git:// kde

Those of you who use(d) Gentoo will notice that we’ve changed quite a few things, most notably: parts.
As you’ll see if you followed the gitweb link, we’re not offering split KDE packages. Instead we hope to be able to use parts when that has been fleshed out properly. In practice this means that one exheres maps to one KDE tarball, as provided by upstream. Parts will still allow you to select what KDE programs you do or do not want to install.

In general we want to stay as close to upstream as possible, and this is just another result of that. After all the time we spent on packaging KDE on Gentoo, we’re not convinced that splitting up everything, in a source distro, is the way to go. We’d better take that effort upstream instead. If we ever do split packages in Exherbo we will definitely not split it out in one package per sub-directory but instead we’ll only add packages that we know people will like to use, or disable.

I must say I was really surprised by the quality of this release, and no doubt KDE 4.1.1 will be even better, so enjoy!

(Logo by Ida Jensen, with changes by Anders ‘arkanoid’ Ossowicki, thanks!)

August 25, 2008

New Exherbo stages

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It’s about time I start blogging about Exherbo

We’ve been making a fair bit of progress recently. Even though, at this stage, we focus on improving exheres-0, the packaging format, we already have lots packaged. More on that later.
Up to now we’ve been neglecting to build newer stages, which, given how fast exheres-0 changes, makes it slightly annoying to install Exherbo on real hardware, or to quickly create a chroot to try new things out.
Hence why over the past days Bo Ørsted Andresen (zlin) has been working on scripting stage building.

The process is really rather simple, and goes roughly like this:

  • Create target directories:

    mkdir ~/stage
    cd ~/stage
    mkdir -p ~/stage/{etc,var/db/paludis/repositories/installed,var/db/unpackaged,var/cache/paludis/metadata,var/cache/paludis/distfiles,var/tmp/paludis/build,var/repositories}
    chown paludisbuild:paludisbuild ~/stage/var/tmp/paludis/build
    chmod g+rwx ~/stage/var/tmp/paludis/build

  • Configure paludis in ~/stage/etc/paludis, as you normally would when setting up a new system.

    mkdir ~/stage/etc/paludis/
    vi ~/stage/etc/paludis/bashrc

  • Check out Arbor from git and bind mount it in the right place.

    git clone git://

  • Use on the host system:

    echo "/location/to/stage" >> /etc/paludis-stage/specpath.conf

  • Install the basesystem and make sure sys-apps/skeleton-filesystem-layout gets installed first

    paludis --install --environment :stage baselayout
    paludis --install --environment :stage system
    paludis --install --environment :stage dhcpcd vim gdb strace colordiff screen

  • Chroot to the stage you just built, and rebuild everything in the chroot:

    paludis --install --dl-reinstall always everything

  • Work out what is broken and go fix it.
  • This is a temporary solution pending a new resolver which will make using Paludis’ binary packages (pbins) feasible (and thus superior). Until that resolver is released we’ll attempt to keep these stages for x86 and amd64 updated.

    You can find his updated stages here:

  • Exherbo amd64 (154M)
  • Exherbo x86 (142M)
  • And bzipped tarballs, for those of you who don’t have lzma around yet:

  • Exherbo amd64 (233M)
  • Exherbo x86 (221M)
  • Safety first kids, and check the sha1sums before using them. 😉

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